Double-exhibition linkage, SIMCom's full-category modules shine at the 2022 Hi-Tech Fair-Breadboard Community

2022-12-12 20:38:28 By : Mr. Taurus Yang

On November 15, 2022, the 24th China International Hi-Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Hi-Tech Fair) opened in Shenzhen.The Hi-Tech Fair is a domestic high-standard, high-quality, and super-large-scale blockbuster technology exhibition, which comprehensively presents the latest trends in China's strategic emerging industries and future industrial clusters.

SIMCom brought its main module products to the two major themed exhibitions of this year's Hi-Tech Fair: International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE2022) and Munich South China Electronics Show, and showcased SIMCom's technological innovations and application cases covering multiple industries for the audience and IoT connectivity solutions. Rugged Tablet

Double-exhibition linkage, SIMCom's full-category modules shine at the 2022 Hi-Tech Fair-Breadboard Community

SIMCom is the first company engaged in 5G R&D, with industry-leading R&D capability, mature product technology, stable connection, support for 3GPP Release 15 and 16 standards, and can provide customers with 5G Sub-6G and millimeter wave modules.The SIM8262X series, SIM8260 series, SIM8202G-M2 series, SIM8200 series and other 5G modules exhibited this time can help Internet of Things applications in industries such as entertainment, manufacturing, automobiles, energy, medical care, transportation, education, and elderly care to quickly acquire 5G communication capabilities .

SIMCom’s smart module product line has launched module products that support 5G, 4G and other network standards. The 5G smart modules SIM9350 series, SIM8970 series, SIM8950LH series and SIM8500 series exhibited this time can meet customers in different industries For different computing power, multimedia processing capabilities, communication types and speed requirements, it has been widely used in wireless smart payment, smart home, smart robot, smart city, smart travel and other fields.

The LTE Cat.4 module can meet the higher network speed requirements, and at the same time, it is cost-effective and has complete global certification. It has been widely used in industrial gateways, DTUs, servers, live video broadcasts, network cameras, smart payment and other scenarios.A variety of LTE Cat.4 industry applications were demonstrated on site: automatic photo printers, DTUs, vehicle positioning equipment, smart POS, industrial routers, etc.

The withdrawal of 2G\3G networks is advancing rapidly. In order to help terminal products complete the transition to 4G networks, SIMCom has launched a wide range of low-speed modules.Among them, the LTE Cat.1 module has been continuously optimized, with rich hardware interfaces, complete software functions, and complete product certification. It has obvious cost-effective advantages in the industry and is widely used in smart meter reading, environmental monitoring, security systems, and asset tracking. Wait for the scene.

Double-exhibition linkage, SIMCom's full-category modules shine at the 2022 Hi-Tech Fair-Breadboard Community

Vehicle Terminal Tablet SIMCom LPWA modules have low power consumption, strong signal gain, and abundant production capacity, meeting the scenario requirements of "low speed, wide coverage, multiple connections, and small data".On this basis, SIMCom has also made many product innovations, such as the ultra-small NB-IoT (14.8*12.8*1.8mm) module SIM7090G, which greatly facilitates the development of wearable products; Y7080E supports NB-IoT and GNSS positioning, It can meet the needs of customers in specific industries such as tracking equipment.SIMCom LPWA modules are mainly used in application scenarios such as smart fire protection, smart street lights, asset management, wireless meter reading, low-speed tracking, and smart farming.

This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of SIMCom. After 20 years of technological precipitation and R&D innovation, SIMCom will continue to provide intelligent transformation and innovative development for all walks of life with a better appearance and consistently high-quality products and services. Empowerment.

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